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bloody winter's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
bloody winter

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Fucking ice. [16 Feb 2003|01:38pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I bought the material for my synthetic dreads. I'm making them tommorow. Yey. I couldn't find any other colors than black and this... brownish/blondish color. So alas the dreads will be boring as a mother fucker. But hey, they're my first, and if I can atleast make a first decent pair, I'll be satisfied. Le sigh.

All black dreads... hmm. Atleast they'll be suitable to wear to, for instance, Joseph Beth or some stupid shopping place that I go to sometimes. The multi-colored, rexlace, glitter, etc dreads are better for clubbing/parties/dates. I just [at the mo] need something to wear on a daily basis. Black dreads will do.

I eventually want to get a black/pink/white pair of dreads. But there's really no point in that if I'm going to get my hair back to a bright red. If that happens, I'll do a bright red/dark red/pink mix. Ultraaa cute.

Errr and I wanna try wool sometime but... I think that'll have to wait. For now, I need to get down synthetic ponyfalls.

I'm snowed in today, hence why I posted. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, the streets are iced over, our roof is fucked because a iced over tree fell on it, and then fell on our neighbors, and then fell on our neighbors car. Gee. Even the grass is iced over.

*smashes head into brick* God damn damn damn damnit. I'm fucking bored.

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Synth hair and great music. [09 Feb 2003|08:26pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I knew I liked Switchblade Symphony, but I just downloaded loads of their songs, and I've discovered I love SS. It makes me feel... floaty and relaxed, happy, etc. It's really nice. And how fucking cool is that? They had their own comic book?! Omigod, that's incredibly wicked.

Wellll, my quest for delicious dreadlocks has failed miserably because I'm having difficulty finding some loose fake hair in my town. I could order some but I'm trying to find some fake hair here so that I don't have to pay any shipping fee's. My budget is ten bucks, so, yea.

I've also convinced my Mom to let me do some mild stretching in my ears. The highest I wanna go is an eight, which yes, makes me a pussy, but also I don't want a gigantic hole in my ear all the fucking time. Sorry, I just don't.

Uh, I want something like this, but I know my first dread falls won't turn out that pretty. Especially since I don't have a steamer, only a hair dryer.I would like to braid the dreads but maybe my first pair should be a simple two color fall. Like, black and white, or black and pink. Which kind of sucks, considering I'm going to dye my hair red again in a little while.

Err, yea, so, I just managed to rammble through a whole entry, that's nothing really new. Uh, Mom bought me Alice for PC for 12.99 at Electronic Boutique today, as a Valentines Day present. Looking forward to playing it.

Maybe I'll write later, I'm wicked bored... even though I went shopping from 11:00 to 5:00 today, and had lunch, and all that jazz.


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[07 Feb 2003|08:17pm]
I took some pictures of Jesse last time he was here...

Let me know what you think of em'. I was in an artistic mood.

Jesse.Collapse )

I especially like the first one.
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[29 Jan 2003|05:04pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

Well, e-starr rocks my socks so-far.

I'll be able to get into my ftp files by tommorow, my site layout and content is already finished, including a HUGE photolog and loads of content, and I'm a very happy camper.

I missed my site... it's one of my few hobbies anymore.

God, scanning all those photos brought back a lot of good memories. Even the pictures where I weighed twenty pounds more than I do now.

I decided I love taking pictures and making photo albums. From now on, I'm going to keep track of the stuff that happens and be sure to get a photo of it everytime. I don't want to look back, and realize I had absolutely no pictures to remind me of the great time I had.

This Digital Camera is a life saver. I can't wait to take pictures of Christmas, Halloween, etc this year... it'll be much more fun and less hassle than a regular camera would be. Yeyyyy... life is good, I'm happy.

Ooooh and I'm gonna host my Dad too!! He's going to have a personal site. A lot of people wouldn't feel comfortable having their parents on their personal domain but there's really nothing I hide from him so... what's the point? I'm very open with my parents.

Sooooo. I'm in a good mood. =D Catcha on the flip side.

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[28 Jan 2003|03:51pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I'm doing fuck-all today. I might sew. I already drew my character Savannah for Shadowrun, trying to get the hang of Digital Coloring. You would think with my HTML background and graphic skills that I could manage to color an image better than what I've been doing. I guess it's okay, it could be a hell of a lot better though.

<a href=Collapse )

Hmm. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I think Sensitive was an inappropriate result. While I am highly sensitive, I'd have to say, I'm a pretty horrible girlfriend. I should've gotten the bitchy result.

We bought the Plane Tickets. Yeyyy. 269.29 total. Not too shabby.

I haven't been able to buy my synthetic hair, thanks to my incredibly annoying budget. I've been drooling over pictures in fakehair for weeks now but I've been unable to do anything about it. I would kill, maim, and torture for some synthetic hair to play around with and make dreads out of. I know how, I just don't have the materials. Damn.

Hmmmm, I might make a shirt today. Depending upon my mood and how tired I am. Lately I've found I barely have the energy to roll out of bed.

Oh, and last weekend I spent over at my Fathers. Had a great time. Took shitloads of pictures. I'll make an album soon.

Uhhhhm, I miss my site. Sigh. I'm ordering from e-starr.net today. Yipee! I shall have my site again! I need a god damn blog, I mean, for the moment this will suffice but... I miss my layouts and site design and graphics, the shit LJ just does not provide.

So. I bid you all adieu.


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Very tired. [22 Jan 2003|01:00pm]
[ mood | restless ]

Dad came over yesterday, I don't really feel like writing so... this post is gonna be short. He bought me two Birthday presents ahead of time. I'm spending the weekend with him, Saturday and Sunday.


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[20 Jan 2003|05:38pm]
[ mood | sore ]

You know what's not a good idea?

Dyeing your hair after just getting a cartilage piercing.


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if i was someone you loved, we'd be better by now. [20 Jan 2003|12:22pm]
[ mood | scared ]


This is my Mom's puppy, she's a five pound six month old black and white toy poodle named Annabel Lee. Isn't she ADORABLE?

So, I'm bored, and procrastinating as usual. I'm posting a survey [egads] but with a regular post attached to it, never fear.

Survey... it's kinda long and boring. It's a music survey too.Collapse )

Today I have to exercize [again], do some schoolwork, call Jesse, attempt to finish Blackwood Farms, and figure out my finances. Ooh and dye my hair.

I think I'm spending my weekend over at my Dad's.

Hmmm... I feel all warm, and safe. I don't know why. I just love you so much... I wish you knew, but I don't expect you too, especially since...

Lyrical content ahead, beware.

UnwellCollapse )

I wish I wasn't so selfish.

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Hmmm. [19 Jan 2003|12:32am]
[ mood | drained ]

Tired as hell. I hated my face in that picture. [I hate my face in most pictures]. So alas, it was pixeled out. If you mind... please get over it.

We had an awesome day. =D Two guys complimented my boots. Jesse thought they said "boobs". It was amusing. Yep. Uh... and I have twenty dollars now, so I can order my synthetic hair. Yipee.

Tommorow is a sewing day. I'm going to [attempt] to make a hoodie and a new t-shirt. Then I shall transfer images on there. Yeppp. I'm going to make my own renfaire outfit... I guess I'm an okay seamstress. I made that one dress... still haven't taken a picture of me in it. I'll have to do that someday soon since I have a digital camera now. I also still owe Jillian [aldrick's mom] a pic of me in my "prom dress".

Sigh. Night all.

Oh and Jesse wants me to tell everyone that he is a tall man... but that he is worth the climb. [Lmao]

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yawn. [17 Jan 2003|09:41pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I can honestly say this is the most boring Friday I've ever experienced.

I've done absolutely nothing today.

Much thanks to the seriously depressed people I'm surrounded by who refuse to get out of bed, and for that matter-- even speak! What the hell? There have been very few occasions where I was so sad that I couldn't even open my mouth out of courtesy to those around me. A "hi" would be nice. Thanks.

Well, enough bitching. Tommorow Jesse and I are going out to lunch, Paisley Peacock [err... I don't know how to classify it], Sixth Sense [metaphysical store], and I forget where else he wanted to go. All I know is he has seventy dollars burning a hole in his [over-sized] pockets. I swear to God the boy needs new pants, he's scaring me, I'm terrified I'll see an ass-crack someday.

Ooooo I made a shirt! Well kind of. I had a thrift store babydoll t-shirt that I transfered an image from Ghost from the Shell [specifically the lovely Motoko Kusanagi] image to. It's so very sexy. ;-D I shall wear it tommorow and we'll take pictures.

Really that's all I had to post. I've been a complete bum today and watched movies, tv, talked on the phone for hours... wondered where aldrick is.

So. Fucking. Exciting.

Bitter cold

A new begining. [17 Jan 2003|12:16am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

First post in a brand-spanking new journal. The first journal I've ever kept that didn't contain atleast a little bit of sad, depressing bullshit. It feels kind of refreshing. =)

Tommorow, sadly, will be uneventful. I need to re-dye my hair after I wake up at about 1:00 in the afternoon. It's going to be a blue-ish black again. Then, I think I may be going to the Kentucky theatre, maybe dinner.

Saturday will be more exciting with Jesse coming over. I'll give details [and hopefully pictures!] later.

Maybe I'll spice this journal up a bit and make it a "photo journal" as well. Everything I do I'll have atleast one picture from to make it a tad more exciting for my captivated readers. Sound good? I think so.

I felt creative today. I fixed my own dinner [portobella ravioli with pesto and sun-dried tomatoes, french bread with pesto sauce and provolone cheese], and then made the sleeves for my new t-shirt project. They're mesh, and the t-shirt is a plain black with a few holes down the belly-area. I don't know what I'm going to transfer onto the front of it. Probably make it into some generic band t-shirt. Joy.

aldrick and I talked about my [soon-to-be] body mods. We argued, and we still haven't come to a conclusion. I quickly got tired of fighting over something that hasn't even happened yet and won't happen for atleast a few years. Grr. Ah well. I'm off to join a few communities.

ALSO! I'm going to make my own synthetic dreads soon! Next time I get paid I'm ordering some yaky hair in black and platinum blonde and then I'll make my own hairpiece. =D

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