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A new begining.

First post in a brand-spanking new journal. The first journal I've ever kept that didn't contain atleast a little bit of sad, depressing bullshit. It feels kind of refreshing. =)

Tommorow, sadly, will be uneventful. I need to re-dye my hair after I wake up at about 1:00 in the afternoon. It's going to be a blue-ish black again. Then, I think I may be going to the Kentucky theatre, maybe dinner.

Saturday will be more exciting with Jesse coming over. I'll give details [and hopefully pictures!] later.

Maybe I'll spice this journal up a bit and make it a "photo journal" as well. Everything I do I'll have atleast one picture from to make it a tad more exciting for my captivated readers. Sound good? I think so.

I felt creative today. I fixed my own dinner [portobella ravioli with pesto and sun-dried tomatoes, french bread with pesto sauce and provolone cheese], and then made the sleeves for my new t-shirt project. They're mesh, and the t-shirt is a plain black with a few holes down the belly-area. I don't know what I'm going to transfer onto the front of it. Probably make it into some generic band t-shirt. Joy.

aldrick and I talked about my [soon-to-be] body mods. We argued, and we still haven't come to a conclusion. I quickly got tired of fighting over something that hasn't even happened yet and won't happen for atleast a few years. Grr. Ah well. I'm off to join a few communities.

ALSO! I'm going to make my own synthetic dreads soon! Next time I get paid I'm ordering some yaky hair in black and platinum blonde and then I'll make my own hairpiece. =D
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