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Synth hair and great music.

I knew I liked Switchblade Symphony, but I just downloaded loads of their songs, and I've discovered I love SS. It makes me feel... floaty and relaxed, happy, etc. It's really nice. And how fucking cool is that? They had their own comic book?! Omigod, that's incredibly wicked.

Wellll, my quest for delicious dreadlocks has failed miserably because I'm having difficulty finding some loose fake hair in my town. I could order some but I'm trying to find some fake hair here so that I don't have to pay any shipping fee's. My budget is ten bucks, so, yea.

I've also convinced my Mom to let me do some mild stretching in my ears. The highest I wanna go is an eight, which yes, makes me a pussy, but also I don't want a gigantic hole in my ear all the fucking time. Sorry, I just don't.

Uh, I want something like this, but I know my first dread falls won't turn out that pretty. Especially since I don't have a steamer, only a hair dryer.I would like to braid the dreads but maybe my first pair should be a simple two color fall. Like, black and white, or black and pink. Which kind of sucks, considering I'm going to dye my hair red again in a little while.

Err, yea, so, I just managed to rammble through a whole entry, that's nothing really new. Uh, Mom bought me Alice for PC for 12.99 at Electronic Boutique today, as a Valentines Day present. Looking forward to playing it.

Maybe I'll write later, I'm wicked bored... even though I went shopping from 11:00 to 5:00 today, and had lunch, and all that jazz.

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