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I can honestly say this is the most boring Friday I've ever experienced.

I've done absolutely nothing today.

Much thanks to the seriously depressed people I'm surrounded by who refuse to get out of bed, and for that matter-- even speak! What the hell? There have been very few occasions where I was so sad that I couldn't even open my mouth out of courtesy to those around me. A "hi" would be nice. Thanks.

Well, enough bitching. Tommorow Jesse and I are going out to lunch, Paisley Peacock [err... I don't know how to classify it], Sixth Sense [metaphysical store], and I forget where else he wanted to go. All I know is he has seventy dollars burning a hole in his [over-sized] pockets. I swear to God the boy needs new pants, he's scaring me, I'm terrified I'll see an ass-crack someday.

Ooooo I made a shirt! Well kind of. I had a thrift store babydoll t-shirt that I transfered an image from Ghost from the Shell [specifically the lovely Motoko Kusanagi] image to. It's so very sexy. ;-D I shall wear it tommorow and we'll take pictures.

Really that's all I had to post. I've been a complete bum today and watched movies, tv, talked on the phone for hours... wondered where aldrick is.

So. Fucking. Exciting.
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